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10 Amazing Essentials You Need For a Long Flight

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Let’s be honest, long haul flights can be SO uncomfortable. 

The seats suck, you’re way to close to other people, there’s usually at least one crying baby, and probably the guy behind you eats some really loud snacks behind you the whole time.

And as someone that deals with Fibromyalgia, getting as comfortable as possible is an absolute necessity for a long flight (or any flight for that matter).  Check out these 10 amazing essentials you need for a long flight to help you get comfortable on the plane (at least, as much as one can get comfortable on the sky tube) and start your trip off on the right foot!

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1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

As I mentioned above, there’s a lot of noise on planes no matter the source. You can’t control what’s going to go on around you, and when you’re on a long flight, you need to be able to block it out for your sanity’s sake! Bring a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to make the voyage a little less irritating. 

I got this pair on Amazon and while they’re not the most expensive out there, they work great! The sound is awesome and they block noise really well – all for under $50! I like them so much, I got a pair for my dad and husband as well!

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2. Neck Pillow

Never do a long flight without a neck pillow! If you want to sleep or just support your neck, a neck pillow is a must-have on any long flight. There are quite a few options out there, but I recently upgraded from the squishy styrofoam bead kind of neck pillow to this ultra-supportive cushioned one and I’ll never go back! It’s so much comfier and keeps my head and neck in a much more comfortable, supported position for all those hours on the plane.

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3. Phone Charger

Most long flight planes will have an outlet or USB charging port so you can charge your phone or other devices. Definitely bring a phone charger, even if you think you won’t need it. Your phone battery can drain rapidly and you’re likely going to need it right when you arrive to contact whoever is picking you up, call an Uber, access your maps, or otherwise use it for something important.

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4. Phone Power Bank

You might think, hey I have my phone charger, what do I need a power bank for? I’m here to tell you, bring the power bank. Whether you need it on the plane or at some point on your trip, having it on hand will be very helpful to you. 

On our long haul flight to the UK from Atlanta, our charging ports in our row didn’t work and we arrived with very little battery life left on our phones – even after not using them for the entire flight! We quickly called my brother-in-law that was picking us up before they died, but wow that could have been a difficult situation – just bring the power bank!

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5. Eye Mask

Planning to sleep on your long flight? I envy you! I can never sleep on planes. Even if you’re like me, give yourself the best shot at sleep by bringing an eye mask. There’s lots of lights and screens on in the plane, even when they dim the cabin lights, that could easily disrupt your sleep. An eye mask helps you tune out from the world and relax in total darkness so you can get some shut eye.

These eye masks are so comfy, stay put without cutting off your circulation, and come in a three pack, I sleep with one every night now!

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6. Sanitizing Wipes

Planes are gross. We all know it. They don’t clean them much… they kind of pretend to. But there’s no way they’re wiping down your arm rest or your tray table, or your window shade… it’s just not happening! That plane lands, everyone gets off and then immediately everyone gets back on.

Keep yourself healthy on your trip and avoid any unnecessary germs and general filth and grime in your space by bringing a few sanitizing wipes to wipe down your hands and your area on the plane. You’d be so surprised how much you touch, then touch your eyes, nose and mouth without even realizing it! This is one of those simple hacks to stay healthy when traveling that really makes a big difference.

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7. Comfy Pants

I’m just going to say it… I don’t trust people who fly long-haul flights in jeans. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t ever care to understand!

I am team stretchy pants through and through on flights of any length, but especially the long ones. You’re going to be sitting for a really long time so make sure you’re wearing clothes that aren’t going to feel too tight, bunch up, or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable. I also really like these leggings for travel and wear them pretty much all the time!

This goes for the guys too, wear some comfy pants! My husband is obsessed with these sweatpants that I got him for our last trip – they’re comfortable, fit really well and are a shockingly nice quality for the price, we definitely recommend them!

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8. Lower Back Cushion

When you’re on a really long flight, you may get more uncomfortable in the seats than you’re used to with shorter flights. You’d think with how expensive long flights are the seats would be a little better… but they’re usually not.

Having your lower back start to bother you 5 hours into a 9 hour trip is not going to make for very enjoyable traveling! Grab a lower back cushion to support your back and keep you comfortable on those super long flights so you’re ready to explore and take on the world when you land.

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9. Electronics & Accessories Organizer

Stay organized with a little travel case that keeps your electronics, cords, and accessories all neat and in order. I loved this travel case for our Europe trip, I was able to keep my phone charger, AirPods, charging cord for my other, big noise cancelling head phones, Kindle charger, and keys for when I returned all organized and easy to reach instead of in a random tangled mess in my bag.

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10. Foot Rest

This one may be a little overkill for some people, but I absolutely love my foldable foot rest. Being a shorty, sometimes I get really uncomfortable on planes because the seats are putting so much pressure on the backs of my legs. If you’re taller, this probably wouldn’t be an issue, but at 5’3” it is for me!

Popping out this foldable foot rest keeps my feet elevated and lifts my legs a bit so they’re not smooshed into the seat, letting gravity have its way with my legs. It’s great for improving circulation as well, helps keep my feet from swelling, and even takes a little pressure off my back so I’m more comfortable all around. Even if I don’t end up using it, I always feel better bringing it and knowing I have it should I start to get really uncomfortable on a 10 hour flight.