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Do You Have to Tip in Europe?

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In the US, we’re accustomed to leaving a 20-25% percent tip when we’re out at restaurants and bars. In fact, tipping lower than the usual 20% can indicate poor service or offend your waiter.

However, in Europe, tipping culture is completely different. For most, tips are not expected in Europe, especially in more casual settings like bars and cafes. In most European countries, tipping is not the norm and a service fee is usually included already on the bill. Now, if you want to go above and beyond and leave a tip on top of this fee, by all means, go ahead! But know that it’s not expected.

Be sure to check the bill for a service charge or sitting fee, or words along the lines of “Service Included” to know whether or not a tip is already included. 

Is It Rude Not to Tip in Europe?

When dining in Europe, most restaurants and eateries will include a service charge or sitting fee in your bill. This means you don’t have to tip unless you really feel like you want to. If this service charge isn’t on the bill, you can leave a 5-10% tip without insulting your waiter as tipping is a bit more modest over in Europe. But before you shell out a tip, make sure you check the receipt for an extra charge or words like “Service Included” printed at the bottom.

Is It Ok to Tip in Europe With US Dollars?

It’s not like being in Mexico where they love to be tipped in USD! When you’re in Europe, you should tip with the local currency. If you want to provide a tip, withdraw local currency at an ATM so your waiter isn’t left trying to exchange your dollars for something more usable in their country.